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Personalized AllergyCare

"It is an unfortunate fact that specialty of allergy is not currently as effective as it could be in the Primary Care clinics, since these clinics diagnose and medically manage the majority of allergy patients. This is why AllergyCorp is systematically pursuing Personalized AllergyCare© in Primary Care clinics."

Dimitri Z Pitovski, MD

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The prime objective of AllergyCorp is achieved through Personalized AllergyCare that provides diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that deliver superior options to the Primary Care clinicians and ultimately the patients in the specialty of allergy...

ACA Laboratories is a full-service allergy diagnostic testing laboratory serving clients throughout the United States. In collaboration with our partners, ACA Lab serves as one of the largest single sources facility for allergy diagnostic testing services available today. Dedicating itself to the principles of excellence in allergy testing, ACA Lab is carefully monitored by specialized physicians, ensuring the highest degree of clinical correlation with allergy testing results.

Patients are different and so is the cause of allergy diseases
Fitting the treatment to the allergy patient
Personalized AllergyCare is based on the observation that patients with the same allergy diagnosis require different treatment

AllergyCorp Group companies are privately owned, making our clients and their patients our number one priority. As such, we adapt more rapidly to industry changes, thereby providing our clinicians with the best possible allergy diagnostics. Our experienced allergy sales specialist, customer service, and allergy technical service specialists are committed to achieving first-class customer service for each and every patient that we are entrusted with. ...

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