Airway Inflammatory


Airway Inflammatory Measurement

The system that measures the fractional nitric oxide (NO) concentration in exhaled breath (FENO) is a quantitative, noninvasive, simple, and safe method of measuring airway inflammation that provides a complementary tool to other ways of assessing airways disease, including asthma

The insight of FeNO system measures exhaled nitric oxide, also known as FeNO, which is a well-established indicator of airway inflammation in asthma. The insight system is a highly accurate device, expressly designed for the physician’s office. It is non-invasive, safe, easy to use, and provides FeNO results in quickly for better asthma management and care. The insight of FeNO medical solution is a unique biosensor that helps in asthma care by detecting trace amounts of nitric oxide molecules in a single human breath utilizing a proprietary technology.

The addition of FeNO, to the standard asthma management tools allows a window into the inflammatory process occurring in the airways that can help improve asthma control. Physician office measurement of FeNO is a much awaited breakthrough in medical technology that provides physicians with a reliable tool to measure airway inflammation as an adjunct to the current diagnostic measures of asthma management, e.g. lung function. Exhaled nitric oxide has been established as a reliable marker of airway inflammation in asthma for over 10 years. Exhaled nitric has been the central focus of studies establishing its link to optimizing medication and reflecting and predicting asthma control.