Medication Delivery

Methods for Sinus Treatment

Medication Delivery Methods for Sinus Treatment

AllergyCorp Group specialization treatment includes medication compounding for patients with nasal and sinus conditions. There are many active pharmaceutical ingredients at our disposal and we employ unique methods of delivering the medications to achieve optimal patient response, often with significantly reduced side effects.

What is Topical Sinus Therapy?

Topical sinus therapy treatments are applied nasally and can often provide significant relief. There is a growing amount of support for the use of antimicrobials applied topically to improve chronic sinusitis. One great benefit from delivering medication in this way is that you will not be exposed to systemic effects that come from taking oral medications.

With the help of compounding pharmacy we can prescribe medications to patients and deliver them through different devices. Nasal spray treatments are available for many different medications. Atomized therapy propels medication deep into the sinus cavity and nasal passages very quickly.

Sinus Irrigation versus Sinus Atomization

Sinus irrigation and sinus atomization are each treatment methods that may be prescribe for sinusitis or a sinus infection. Although they differ, the benefit of both methods is that medication is delivered directly to the sinuses, which means there’s less potential for side effects than may come from taking an oral antibiotic or steroid.

What are Sinus Irrigation and Sinus Atomization?

Sinus irrigation, also called nasal irrigation, has been performed for centuries, but it is just now becoming common in western nations. Many allergists and otolaryngologists (ENT) now recommend various forms of sinus irrigation for sinus complaints. At its most basic, nasal irrigation involves using a saline or salt water rinse to clear the sinuses of mucus, debris, and airborne pollutants. This is often done using a device called a neti pot to pour the solution into one nostril, then the other. You can also use a sinus irrigation bottle to administer the solution. Our physician may prescribe a compounded medication that is added to the saline for sinus irrigation. In this way, you are both flushing out the sinuses and administering the medication directly where it is needed.

Atomized therapy uses positive pressure to propel medications deep into the sinus cavities, providing relief and treatment to the problem areas. There are multiple delivery systems that atomize the physician-prescribed medications deep into the nasal passages and sinus cavity in just minutes. Sinus atomization is an appealing treatment option to avoid the use of long-term oral antibiotics and steroids. 

When You Might Need Them

Anyone can use nasal irrigation to relieve congestion and sinus pressure. You don’t need a prescription for a simple saline rinse. However, compounded solutions such as antibiotics, antifungals or anti-Inflammatories may be prescribed by your doctor. Sinus irrigation is often prescribed for:  acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, postnasal drip, post-operative sinus therapy, and prevention of future sinus problems.

Sinus atomization is less commonly prescribed than irrigation and is often given for chronic sinusitis and post-operative sinus therapy.


How Compounded Sinus Therapy Can Help

Compounded solutions offer great benefits to patients. Unlike mass-formulated medications, your compounded prescriptions are tailored exactly to your needs. They can target your precise symptoms whether you need an antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, or all of these ingredients.

A few examples of our delivery devices and methods:

NasoNeb Nasal nebulizer – Delivers a deep, penetrating aerosol to the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities that is comfortable to use and offers fast delivery time. NasoNeb has been shown to distribute medications to the “impossible to reach, rear sinuses”. We can prescribe to compound a variety of antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory medications for use with the NasoNeb device.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse – An inexpensive, easy to use, nasal irrigation squeeze bottle device. Although this irrigation is not quite as well distributed through the sinuses as the NasoNeb nebulizer, it offers a nice, affordable alternative. Compounded medications can be added to the NeilMed irrigation device as well.